What You'll Need

What Will You Need?

Well, a Bible. But not just because "you're suppossed to have one." Because it's your only weapon in this war. And even if you're AWOL at the moment, you still need a weapon.

You'll also need highlighters and colored pens. I, personally—being one of those compulsive perfectionists who, when handed a beautiful leather bound journal or brand new notebook with its crisp pages that smell so good, get paralyzed from fear of making a mistake and forever despoiling the inherent beauty that once was—use FriXion's erasable pens and highlighters.

But, if you're normal, feel free to use whatever is at hand.

I do highly recommend multiple colors. The Ineffable Plan is the main plot of the action-packed, battle-ridden love story, but it has many subplots, and each one has it's own assigned color. Naturally, you can assign the colors of your choosing, but to placate the OCD in me, don't ever tell me they differ from the following:

Purple = Spiritual Warfare
Blue = Redemption / Salvation
Green = Cultural Background & Archaeology
Orange (or Yellow) = Eternity and Cross Reference
Pink = Personal Application*

I suggest getting a wide-margin Bible like the one shown above. That way you can highlight the verse and then have room to write notes in the margin with the corresponding colored pen. (Example: If you highlighted Ephesians 3:10 in purple, you would then use the purple pen to write a note about that verse in the margin. This will come in very handy when you show off your savvy Biblical scholar self to church friends and teachers.)

Wide-Margin Bibles (also called Notetaking Bibles and Journaling Bibles, but not to be confused with Coloring Bibles or Creative Journaling Bibles) are available in most contemporary translations. Get the translation you like best—one that you can understand. (The Bible was meant to be understood. As such, it was always written in the vernacular. King James English was the everyday language in the 1600's. Koine Greek—the Greek of the New Testament—was the everyday Greek everyone spoke back in Jesus' day. But if you want some tips, check out the post Which Translation?

Photo Credit: ESV Column BibleFriXion Fine Point Pens / FriXion Highlighters

*By personal application, I do mean personal. This is a free color that allows you to highlight a verse than means something to you personally. This way, it stands out from the other highlighted themes.