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Blogging His Story

The Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil.
—1 John 3:8 

Blogging His Story is an exegetical Bible study that focuses on the Bible as though it were an action-packed, battle-ridden love story (which it is). Exegesis is just a fancy word for the original intent of the authors. And while Blogging His Story is chronological, the Bible is there's a bit of cross-referencing, which is another way of saying we're gonna rip the lid off the Ineffable Plan.

Like any good story, we follow the main character, a Prince, and his arch-nemesis who seeks mortals to devour in his never ending quest to usurp the royal throne. And combining the spiritual warfare aspect of scripture with the cultural backgrounds of the Ancient Near East with its gods and giants and witchcraft and necromancy, what you get is....

....not your Grandmother's Bible study.

Here's How it Works

Because this Bible study is chronological, every post is numbered. On a desktop, the archives are located on the top left sidebar directly beneath the HOME tab. On a mobile device, just scroll down to right below the last post . The Archives are tiered to allow you to easily start at the beginning or follow along regardless of how far along the study already is.

Comments are disabled on this blog (and the Tumblr version), but you are encouraged to comment and discuss on the Blogging His Story Facebook page. In fact, each post links to the that particular post on the Facebook page. This just makes it easier to manage and ensures no one gets overlooked.

To follow the blog, and read posts from your email, enter your email in the right side bar.

Also at the end of each post, you'll see "Swordcraft Tip." This is because the Bible is considered a sword, and amongst all the celestial armor at your disposal, your sword is your only weapon. What follows "Swordcraft Tip" will be instructions for what verse to highlight or what to write in the margin of your Bible.

Which brings us to the next link....

What You'll Need

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