Chronicles of Time

To escape an eternity of flame, Lucifer Haylel, god of Mortal-earth, seeks to overthrow Jehuva El Eyon, god of Shamayim. With rule of Elyon’s ethereal realm comes the power to create worlds, and a sword that can slay immortals. All Lucifer must do to break Elyon’s power is prevent one of his prophecies from coming true…thus begins the ultimate war between good and evil that has raged unseen since the dawn of time.

Vol. I: Prophecy of the Heir
Vol. II: Covenant of Blood
Vol. III: Sacrament of Fire
Vol IV: Hallowing of the Realm
Vol. V: War of the Strongholds

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Vol. I: Prophecy of the Heir
(4000 BC to 2 BC)
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Plotting the overthrow of a power-hoarding king, Commander Haylel trains the Malakim in the art of war. Then an omen forewarns that his fate rests in the loyalty of his favored lieutenant, Michael. Now Haylel must decide whether to remain subordinate to an oppressive tyrant or kill Michael and usurp the throne.

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Vol. Two: Covenant of Blood
(2 BC to 33 AD)

Vol. Three: Hallowing of the Realm
(33 AD to 135 AD)

Vol. Four: War of the Strongholds
(135 AD to 610 AD)

Vol. Five: Abolition of Death
(610 AD thru Apocalypse)