For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities 
of the unseen world...
—Eph 6:12

If you're following this Bible study, you'll hear the ASA mentioned quite a bit.

The ASA is a fictional acronym for "Agenda-driven Secular Academia." The ASA is not our enemy, per se, but the weapon wielded by our true enemy. Our war is not against flesh and blood (mere mortals). It is against the prince of the power of the air and his host of non-corporeal beings that rule from the spiritual realm (Eph 2:2 and Eph 6:12).

So what is the agenda of secular academia? To demolish the credibility of the Bible. In other words, they want to destroy your one and only weapon in this war. Look over the list of the "full armor of God" in Eph 6:10-18. You have quite a bit of armor, but only one weapon. And the enemy of your soul wants to ensure its blade is so dull that you'll be utterly defeated in battle.

But if you're taking the Blogging His Story journey, you're well on your way to becoming a Master Bladesmith equipped to defeat the enemy.

Photo Credit: Turkish Warrior: WikimediaCommons