Biblical Literacy, Biblical Worldview, and the Armor of God

The Story Behind His Story Media

Growing up, my father (a pastor) twisted scripture to "prove" that God could not look at me or hear my prayers. I left home at 17 believing God did not love me and that the Bible was a book about how much God hated me. Years later, I discovered the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament and realized that the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) is His (Jesus') storyan action-packed, battle-ridden love story. 

This began a nearly two-decade obsession with studying the Bible in an effort to reach others with the life-transforming knowledge of God's love. But the more I studied, the more I realized the Christian life is a war and that none of us can survive without armor. 

What I didn't know at the beginning of this journey, when I first started writing The Chronicles of Time, was that God was preparing me to launch His Story Media, an independent media company that creates purpose-driven content geared toward helping you 
  • increase your Biblical literacy
  • equip you with a Biblical worldview
  • understand the elements of the armor of God
  • feel empowered in your knowledge of God's love for you
  • have purpose and clarity in your Christian life
  • and have the confidence that you'll survive the battle standing firm.

Corporate Social Responsibility

10% of His Story Media's nonfiction profits support Bible translations and missionary efforts in the 10/40 Window.  And, 25% of The Chronicles of Time profits support relief efforts for persecuted families, fund Bible smuggling operations, and help equip children all over the world to become Biblical disciples.