Blogging His Story

"The world around us is under the control of the evil one."
1 John 5:19 

Why is there so much pain and suffering? It's a common and reasonable question. This blog hopes to answer that question (as well as others) by demonstrating that this world is under the control of Satan, a created elohim (god) who rebelled against Yahweh, the only uncreated elohim (God). This set into motion a war that has waged between Yahweh and his angels and Satan and his angels.

This blog is a visual crash course in Biblical literacy and tells the entire story of God's redemptive plan—the battle between good and evil, angels and demons, God and Satan. Experience the story of the Son of God (Jesus Christ, aka the Angel of the Lord/Captain of the Angelic Army), His romance with mankind and His impending overthrow of evil and the restoration of a perfect world without pain, suffering or death. 

"The Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil."
1 John 3:8

Snake and Cross. Under License from Shutterstock.

Approx 10,000 words, both the blog (and the corresponding book Battleground: The War of the Gods in Pictures) are designed to be read in one sitting and will take the average reader about 30 minutes.

If reading on a desktop/laptop, you can either stay on the home page and scroll down reading each post besides its corresponding thumbnail. Or, you can click "Full Screen" on any post and then "More Posts" to read while viewing each picture in full screen. 

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