Armor of God

You are being hunted.

Your enemy is a supernatural being who wants to devour you. The Christian life is a battlefield, and just “believing in Jesus” is not enough protection to survive the war. 

You need armor. 

If you read this entire blog, you are now equipped with a weapon—the sword of the Spirit (word of God/biblical literacy)—because you’ve seen an overview of the entire war from beginning to end. This weapon has the power to transform your worldview if you let it. This in turn will equip you with the helmet of salvation, which protects your mind against attack. 

The events of human history aren’t random. 

They aren’t by chance. 

They are orchestrated by powerful beings in the unseen realm. 

And the best way to keep you in the dark about what they are doing is to convince you that they—and that unseen realm—doesn’t exist. 

That science proves it doesn’t exist. 

If they can convince you of that, then life isn’t a war. 

And if life isn’t a war, then your life isn’t about ensuring that you are on the right side of the battlefield, advancing the military strategy of the right army. 

 You can do as you please. 

You can love whomever you want. 

You can support whatever cause you want. 

You can vote for whomever you want. 

Because nothing matters except what you want to matter. 

So if you want religious pluralism and sexual diversity and 100+ genders and if you side with Hamas’ justifications for attacking Israel and wanting US troops to withdrawal Israeli support, then by all means, be “woke.” 

Because if life isn’t a war, then the Christians claiming to be on a battlefield fighting an invisible enemy really are deluded and you really are enlightened. 

But if life is war, if the unseen realm does exist, then the spirit of delusion prophesized 2000 years ago has come.

So whose side of the battlefield are you on?