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The Judgment

To purge the world of evil, the world must be purged of evil people. On the Day of Judgment, all people who ever lived stand before Jesus Christ as he judges based on whether their actions in life reflected Yahweh’s will on earth on Satan’s will on earth. ( Romans 2:6; Matthew 25:31–46)

Lake of Fire (Gehenna)

Satan, his demons, and everyone who helped advanced Satan’s kingdom on earth or did nothing to advance Yahweh’s kingdom on earth forfeit immortality in Jesus’ eternal kingdom. (Rev 20:10; Matt. 25:41-46)

Curse of Death Broken

The curse of death is broken, and the earth renewed—no evil or violence, no natural disasters or animal predation. no aging or decay, no sickness or disease, no pain or suffering. (Rev. 21:4; 22:3)

Happily Ever After

  At long last, Yahweh and His Son can live with mankind in a perfect world with no fear of sorrow or death, forever united in eternal love, peace, and joy. (Rev. 21:1-3)

Armor of God

You are being hunted.   Your enemy is a supernatural being who wants to devour you. The Christian life is a battlefield, and just “believing in Jesus” is not enough protection to survive the war.  You need armor.  If you read this entire blog, you are now equipped with a weapon—the sword of the Spirit (word of God/biblical literacy)—because you’ve seen an overview of the entire war from beginning to end. This weapon has the power to transform your worldview if you let it. This in turn will equip you with the helmet of salvation, which protects your mind against attack.  The events of human history aren’t random.  They aren’t by chance.  They are orchestrated by powerful beings in the unseen realm.  And the best way to keep you in the dark about what they are doing is to convince you that they—and that unseen realm—doesn’t exist.  That science proves it doesn’t exist.  If they can convince you of that, then life isn’t a war.  And if life isn’t a war, then your life isn’t about ensuring