24 January, 2019

24. Imago Dei

24. Imago Dei

Imago Dei, Latin for "image of God."

According to ReligionFacts.com, Christianity has been influenced by four definitions of how humans are the imago dei:

(1) The Image of God as Similarity (We have emotions, intelligence, etc).

(2) The Image of God as Counterpart (We are the relational partner for God, created for fellowship).

(3) The Image of God as Dominion (We are like God in that we share in His dominion over the earth).

(4) The Image of God as Representation (We are like God in that we are His representatives on earth).

We will look at each of these definitions over the next four blog posts.

Beyond Genesis 1:26-28, here are a few other verses describing humans as made in the image of God: Genesis 5:13, Genesis 9:5-6, Psalm 8, 1 Corinthians 11:7, and James 3:9.

Photo Credit: Mud Man CC2.0 / Hands CCO.