17 December, 2018

14. Rodinia and Panthalassa

14. Rodinia and Panthalassa

"Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, 
and let the dry land appear.” 
—Genesis 1:9

On Day Two, God created Earth's atmosphere, and on Day Three the super-continent, Rodinia, rose up out of the solitary ocean. (Sadly, the oceanic floor of Panthalassa, aka the proto-Pacific, no longer exists. More on that in another post.)

According to both ASA and Creationist scientists, our modern continents are made out of pieces from the original earth (before continental drift). These core pieces are called cratons.

North America holds one of the largest cratons.

Cratons can be described as:
  1. shields—in which the basement rock crops out at the surface
  2. platforms—in which the basement is overlaid by sediments and sedimentary rock. 
In North America, there is an exposed portion of the craton called the Canadian Shield. It may not be the most interesting vacation spot ever, but I would still find it fascinating to actually touch it. 

Photo Credit: Public Domain and Creative Commons