10 December, 2018

10. In the Beginning, Nothing became Something.

10. In the Beginning, Nothing became Something.

"In the beginning, God..." 
—Gen 1:1

Aha! We arrive at the beginning...probably where most of you assumed this journey would start. A new Epoch, Time itself, is about to begin, but more on that in our next post. First, the war, and the battle of the worldviews.

The ASA would have you to believe that:

science = natural / random chance
religion = supernatural / design, and thus a designer

If the above formula is correct, then yes, there is a gap, because the above is a conflicting worldview; i.e., they can't both be right. Obviously, the ASA's natural explanation of the origins of the universe will automatically conflict with any supernatural explanation.

But is the above formula correct?

The Battle of the Worldviews.

#1: ASA Worldview/Bias held by ASA scientists (geologists, physicists, astronomers, etc., who believe in natural forces only): God does not exist. / Only natural laws and forces operate in the world.

#2: Christian Worldview/Bias held by Creation scientists (geologists, physicists, and astronomers, etc., who believe in both natural and supernatural forces): God does exist. / Both natural and supernatural forces operate in the world.

Ever play Monopoly, the real estate trading game made by Parker Brothers? Remember all the little tokens — the automobile, the thimble, the little hat, and the little shoe? Imagine a discussion between Little Hat and Little Shoe, who are faithfully going around the Monopoly board for the umpteenth time.

As Little Hat passes a hotel belonging to one of his opponents, he says to Little Shoe: "Say ... do you believe in Parker?"

Little Shoe looks at him quizzically. Little Hat explains: "You know—look over there, on the side of the board. It says in big black letters, 'Made by Parker Brothers.' So, do you believe in that? Do you believe in Parker?" Little Shoe replies: "'Yes, I suppose I do. What about you?"

So Little Hat responds, with an air of weary frustration: "Look, I've been around here a long time. Every week, I pass 'GO,' and I collect my $200. I've been to Tennessee Avenue, St. James Place, Boardwalk, you name it. I've seen it all. Heck, I've even been to jail. And I'll tell you something. I ain't never seen Parker. This whole time, I've just never bumped into him. So no, I don't believe in Parker. I'm a Parker atheist."

If you could interject at this point in the conversation, what would you say to Little Hat? You'd say: "My dear Little Hat, you're looking for Parker in all the wrong places. Parker doesn't live on the board. He made the board!"

The maker of a system doesn't live inside that system. As creator, you interact with the system that you made: you make the rules (the natural laws and forces that operate the world) by which the system functions. And you can override them. Little shoe and Little Hat would call that supernatural. But to you, the creator, that is natural. It is the system, the world of Little Shoe and Little Hat, that is sub-natural.

To help drive home this point, the 'sub-natural world' is precisely what Lucifer and his minions calls the earth in CoT.

Hands and World / Galaxy Creative Commons / Monopoly Gameboard Public Domain / Monopoly Hat and Shoe

Monopoly Analogy taken from The Exodus You Almost Passed Over by Rabbi David Fohrman, pages 54-56.