21 November, 2018

4. The Book of Life

4. The Book of Life

"The book of life written before time . . ." — Apocalypse 17:8

Yup. We're still in Revelation. Pretty cool, right?

Revelation says the book belongs to the Lamb who was slain. In other words, Jesus, or as I like to call him in CoT, the Prince.

While the Bible says the book of life was written before the Creation of the world, it does not say what it is was written in.

In CoT, I have the Prince write it in blood.

(Can anyone guess where the blood came from? Yea, it's a bit macabre. But it also seemed to fit the overall Biblical idea that blood is the highest form of payment one could offer.)

Think about that for a second: He wrote your name.

Yes, you. Whether you are an agnostic, Muslim, Jew, Christian, or even atheist, he wrote your name.

(Gasp! She's a universalist. Heretic!)

No worries, dear reader. Check out Exodus 32:33.

“Whoever has sinned against me, I will blot out of my book." —God.

So before the beginning of time, every name of every person who would ever live was in that book. But at some point, likely upon death, names get blotted out. Of course, everyone sins, which would seem to imply everyone's name was blotted out, but since we know some names survive (cuz those who do get VIP access to the Prince's kingdom for eternity, Rev 21:27), it's not quite that cut and dried.

But anyway...

Assuming you are alive as you read this (unless there's Wi-fi in the Netherworld), your name is in there. He wants you to be a part of his future kingdom. It's up to you if you want that too.

The Prince wrote your name.

Art by Caleb Havertape. © Copyright JC Lamont.

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