30 November, 2018

8. The Flora of Heaven

8. The Flora of Heaven

Wisdom dwells in the highest heaven, beckoning all who desire her, “Come hither and eat of my fruit.” 
Folly whispers, “Eat in secret sweet stolen food,” but those who heed her words dwell in the depths of death.
—Proverbs 9:17 & Ecclesiasticus 24:19

Wisdom as a Fruit Tree

According to the Bible, wisdom existed from the beginning. And both scripture and other Jewish texts symbolically speak of wisdom as being a tree. (The Chronicles of Time series opens with Lucifer obsessed with trying to figure out why King Elyon keeps a certain tree locked away. Ultimately, this obsession leads to his downfall, and the downfall of all mankind.)

The Tree of Life

Technically, the Tree of Life is not in heaven. At least, it's not in heaven proper, it's in the New Jerusalem, which in Eternity Future resides on the New Earth. Its fruit is said to give healing to the nations.

Two Olive Trees

Zechariah 4 describes two olive trees and an oil stand. Though most would say the two trees are symbolic with the two sages whom they represent. I tend to agree, though I use both concepts in CoT (the sages stand on pillars organically cultivated from two olive trees).

This concludes our look at Eternity Past (and the world building of Heaven, God's abode). The next post begins our journey into history and His story.

Now the real fun begins.

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