26 October, 2018

What is Blogging Hi§tory?

What is Blogging Hi§tory?

Blogging Hi§tory is an online chronological Bible study that follows the Christian fantasy series, The Chronicles of Time, and incorporates cutting-edge science, the latest archaeological finds, and history as it relates to God's overall redemptive plan for mankind.

What you will not find here are verses taken out-of-context. Not only that, but the entire Bible is looked at as a whole, ONE story—an action packed, battle-ridden love story.

Basically this blog delves into the 15 years (and counting) of research that I've done for The Chronicles of Time (CoT), a Christian fantasy series that covers from Genesis to Revelation through the eyes of angels and demons. In other words, it's the non-fiction companion to The Chronicles of Time, the appendices on steroids—all the fascinating details that had to get cut to ensure the action between Michael and the demons in CoT kept moving forward.

Because Blogging Hi§tory is chronological, every post title includes a numeral. In the archives (located on the top left of every page below the HOME tab), you will find each post listed numerically. So now matter how far into the Bible study we are, feel free to jump in. Also, the posts are archived by the oldest post first, so if this is your first time visiting, it's easy to start at the beginning.

 The ESV Single Column

If you want to really get into this type of Bible study, I suggest getting a wide-margin Bible. That way you can circle a word in the verse and then in the margins write the original definition. Many different translations have wide-margins, called Journaling Bibles (not to be confused with coloring Bibles or creative journaling Bibles). A wide-margin version will allow you to have a Bible full of notes that show not only why you believe what you believe, but allows you to discern for yourself what the Bible is saying (instead of being told by someone else).

At the end of each post, you'll see "Swordcraft Tip." What follows will be suggestions for what verse to highlight or what to write in the margin of your Bible (or notebook). Beyond general stuff like archaeology, the 3 main themes we will be looking at is Salvation, Eternity, and Spiritual Warfare, so it will be helpful if you designate a particular color for the 3 themes plus 1 for the general category.

As for translation, I recommend most word-for-words, but see the post Which Translation? for more details. I'm using the New Inductive Study Bible in the NASB translation.

As for pens and highlighters, while there are ones specifically made for a Bible's thin pages, I prefer erasable. (Frixion by Pilot makes a whole line of erasable pens and highlighters, and yes, they really do erase perfectly!)

For those who don't want to write in the Bible, I recommend the Apologetics Bible  (also available in a Student Edition), the First Century Bible*, and the Archaeological Bible. And of course, every translation is available on line for free (see Blue Letter Bible which includes a built-in concordance for the KJV and NASB translations -- be sure to check the Strong's box).

The Defector's Club is a free membership for fans of The Chronicles of Time where you can receive free books, an occasional email from me (and by occasional, I really do mean it...around every 90 days) which may include advance chapters of upcoming books, discounts, promotions, giveaways, etc.

To follow the blog, and read posts from your email, enter your email in the side bar BELOW the archives.

To find out more about me, check out My Story.

Whether you enjoy an in-depth Bible study, are a homeschool mom looking for a Bible/History supplement, or are a fan of The Chronicles of Time, or just a seeker looking for something deeper that's not in-your-face, this journey is for you.

*This Bible is only available in the NIV. See this post for more details.