21 September, 2018

What Blogging Hi§tory is and What it is NOT

What Blogging Hi§tory IS & What it is NOT

This is a journey through His Story, which means not just the Bible, but history as well. And not all history, but history as how it relates to God's over-all redemptive plan for mankind. While the Bible is my FIRST source (check out my post on Sola Scriptura), other ancient texts, including Josephus, the Dead Sea scrolls, the writings of the church fathers, and many others are also examined, as well as the latest archaeological finds and scientific discoveries.

What you will not find here are verses taken out-of-context. Not only that, but the entire Bible is looked at as a whole, ONE story—an action packed, battle-ridden love story.

Basically this blog highlights the first 15 years of research that I did for The Chronicles of Time (CoT). In other words, it's the non-fiction counterpart to The Chronicles of Time, the appendices on steroids—all the fascinating details that had to get cut to ensure the action between Michael and the demons in CoT kept moving forward.

Because this study is chronological, every post title includes a numeral. Also, the posts are archived by the oldest post first, so if this is your first time visiting, it's easy to start at the beginning.

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Whether you enjoy an in-depth Bible study, or are a homeschool mom looking for a Bible/History supplement, or are a fan of The Chronicles of Time, or just a seeker looking for something deeper that's not in-your-face, this journey is for you.