My Story: The Long Version

"If I told you my story
You would hear victory over the enemy 
And if I told you my story 
You would hear freedom that was won for me... 
Oh, to tell you my story is to tell of Him."
—My Story by Big Daddy Weave

My Story: the long version

I said the sinner’s prayer at four years old, and by five, I was standing on the street corner reciting Bible verses to the passing cars. My favorite subject in school was Bible History, and I couldn’t get enough of studying Bible atlases, handbooks, and dictionaries. In high school, I had to write a 10-page report on a history topic of my choice; I chose to write a 40-page report on the Assyrian, Babylonian, Grecian and Roman empires and their influence on Biblical events.

Unfortunately, my father (a Baptist minister) was emotionally and psychologically abusive.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, he was soliciting sexual favors from female inmates at the prison where he served as chaplain. Perhaps this secret life was the motivation behind the volatile animosity that he most often directed at me. On a nearly daily basis (during my teen years), I was told that God could not look at me, or even hear my prayers. I left home at 17, believing God hated me, and that the Bible was a book about how much I wasn’t good enough for Him.

Several years later found me Goth and immersed in books on Wicca, until I discovered by accident, the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament. Dumbfounded, I immediately bought a Bible and read it within six months. Reading it that fast made me realize the Bible was not a collection of moral tales, but one, unified story—a redemptive love story between God and man.

My childhood love for scripture was instantly restored. Wishing for others to know of the love of God, I spent the next fifteen years writing The Chronicles of Time, a biblical fiction series that can be summed up as evidential apologetics that reads like epic fantasy. In that time, I've studied Ancient Near Eastern texts, Biblical archaeology, Mesopotamian cultures, Second Temple Judaism, Evidential Apologetics, the Church Fathers, the events leading up to the ecumenical councils, and comparative mythology (specifically in regard to Euhemerism).

Recently, I founded His Story Media Ltd., a company committed to the development of Christ-centered Worldview Bible curriculum for Middle School, High School, and Church Youth Ministries. I'm also currently working towards a Biblical Studies certificate.

People say your earthly father is how you look at God, which makes me a poster child for seeing God as a God of wrath, not a God of love. And yet I discovered the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament...where He supposedly can’t be found. God not only healed me, but He brought me back to who I once was—the little girl who loved books on Bible cultures and wanted to reach others with His love and draw them to Christ.