JC Lamont is a literary apologist and historian specializing in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity. She is a student of Koine Greek, and a former contributor for the Christian Apologetics Alliance. She is the founder of Blogging His Story, an online chronological Bible study that incorporates history, science, and archaeology.

My Story:
the short version

I left home at 17 after years of my father (a pastor) using scripture to "prove" that God couldn't look at me, let alone hear my prayers. I never bothered reading the Bible because I thought it was a book about how much God hated me.

Years later, after accidentally discovering the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament, I bought a Bible and read it in 6 months. Reading it that fast made me realize it was ONE story, and a love story at that. Wanting others to discover this same truth, I've spent the last 15 years researching and writing The Chronicles of Time, a fantasy inspired version of the Bible that reflects how I now see it — a suspenseful, action-packed, battle-ridden love story.

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The Inspiration for Blogging Hi§tory

Fifteen years of my life has been devoted to writing and researching The Chronicles of Time, a Christian fiction series that runs from Creation through the Apocalypse through the eyes of angels and demons. The release of the first 6 books is imminent, but as excited as I am, there is so much that never made it into the books, stuff that couldn't even make it into Gavriel's Summary Logs or the Appendix. Plus, I have folders upon folders of images that inspired scenes, clarified difficult passages, and helped me see things clearly in my own head, but that I can't share in a commercial capacity.

Then, several months ago, my pastor talked about connecting with people in this digital age by posting your Bible reading plan and having friends join along. I mulled over this for months until the idea to incorporate all the research I'd done over the last 15 years grew into the idea for Blogging His Story—where passage by passage I post chronologically through the Bible side-by-side with all the interesting things I discovered along the journey that is behind the writing of The Chronicles of Time.