03 January, 2019

16. Darwin's Finches

16. Darwin's Finches

And God said..."Let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens.” So God created...every winged bird according to its kind.
—Genesis 1:20-21

Yes, Creationist scientists believe in Darwin's Finches.

They also believe in speciation, adaptation, mutation, and yes, even evolution (i.e. slow changes over long periods of time within species—more on this in the next post). Many even believe an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs (more on this on another post). As I said before, the biggest difference between the Bible and evolution is time and first cause. The science is the same...it's the interpretation of the scientific evidence that varies.

What may really surprise you is that it's NOT a religious argument.

There are many ASA scientists that believe in a first cause (an unknown, intelligent designer*), and many ASA scientists that believe in catastrophism (example: grand canyon carved by catastrophe, rather than by uniformitarianism)...solely based on observable, repeatable science. It only becomes "religious" when Creationist scientists give the first cause intelligent designer the name God (as in the Judaeo-Christian God of the three monotheistic faithsJudaism, Christianity, and Islam), or label a particular cataclysm as one described in the Bible (as in Noah's flood).

*Intelligent Design (ID) was started by non-Christians who saw organized purpose in the world rather than random chance. ID is not Creation Science in disguise, in fact many Creation Science organizations are highly critical of it. ID scientists simply believe that the complexity o the natural world could NOT have occurred by change. They feel the evidence points to an intelligent entity, but that entity could be anyone or anything. 

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