31 October, 2018

0. The Ineffable Plan (& How this Blog Works)

0. The Ineffable Plan

"The time has come for the illumination of the mysterious Great Plan that the High God has kept secret from the unseen rulers of the celestial realm."

The above is an except* from a letter sent to the inhabitants of an ancient city dedicated to the Greek goddess, Artemis. It was written around 62 AD by a Rabbi named Sha'ul.

So just what is the Great Plan of God?

Aziraphale and Crowley, the angel and demon from Good Omens, discuss just that in the opening of the first episode.
Crowley: Makes you wonder what God’s really planning.
Aziraphale: Best not to speculate. It’s all part of the Great Plan. It’s not for us to understand. It’s ineffable.
Crowley (incredulous): The Great Plan’s ineffable?
Aziraphale: Exactly. It is beyond understanding. And incapable of being put into words.
If Rabbi Sha'ul is correct, and I dare say he is, the Great Plan had been kept secret from the demons (and possibly even the angels) for several millennia.

But that secret has since been illuminated to mortals.

This blog is a chronological journey through the Bible that reveals the Great Plan, a study focusing on the spiritual warfare aspect of the scriptures, and the modern reader's place in that war.

So if you're up for an adventure, check out the following links that will help you gear up, because we're about to rip the lid off the mysterious Great Plan.

Why? Because War. 

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Photo Credit: Good Omens Media Poster (Amazon Prime)
*Ephesians 3:9-10, Paraphr.